I was born in Melbourne, Australia 1980 and completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts at The University of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts, in 2002. I'm currently completing a Master of Contemporary Art at the Victorian College of the Arts.

My artistic practice examines the phenomenology of human life, particularly female life, using bodily substances and secretions woven into performance, installation, film and photography. Employing a radical feminist framework, I present aspects of female existence that tend to be ignored, eschewed or considered repulsive.

Patriarchal systems such as Western medicine, psychology, religion, capitalism and the law form the backdrop upon which I explore and expose the jarring and often incompatible relationship between modern civilisation and female nature.

In my performance piece ‘Human Milk Bar’ breastmilk is offered to willing adults in the setting of a supermarket tasting stall, ‘The New Book of Mothering’ invites mothers to pen their own anecdotes of motherhood using ink made from burnt mothering self help books, my ongoing anthropological photography series ‘What Does Breastfeeding Look Like?’ became a viral sensation for its raw documentation of women feeding their babies, ‘First Blood’ is an installation work featuring a single bed, ostensibly used, with crumpled white sheets and the stains of menstruation blood. My new series ‘Birth Sheets’- featuring nine hospital grade sheets stained with the gory remains of childbirth, pays homage to the reproductive class and duly casts a light on the medical industry that seeks to undermine it. 

My personal experiences as a girl, a woman and a mother inform a practice which is simultaneously autobiographical and political. Influenced by the work of Teresa Margolles and Mary Kelly and the radical feminist movement, I create works that pull into focus some of the complex issues that face women today.