Modern Western society thrives on undermining a mothers' sense of ability to mother. Her apparent ineptitude keeps the capitalist cogs turning - the baby isle of ones local pharmacy is testament to this. Equally, ‘self-help’ mothering books perpetuate implicitly that a woman is incapable of gestating a foetus, delivering a baby and caring for a child without some form of intervention (in spite of the fact that humans have created other humans for 200 000 years).

I was given some books about how to be a mother and they did a wonderful job of making me feel totally incompetent. It’s been 4 years since the birth of my first child and 2 years since the birth of my second (yes, I’ve got a long way to go), but I have since come to the realisation that there was, and is, nothing wrong with me, there is just something wrong with society.

So I burned all my books on mothering, and with the ashes I have created an ink with which to write a new book.

The book is called The New Book of Mothering and all mothers are invited to use the ink to help write the book; to pen their own musings and anecdotes about their mothering experiences so that we may write our own history.

At the bottom of this page is a Bibliography of Unhelpful Mothering Books. If you would like to add an unhelpful mothering book to the bibliography please contact me via the form below.

Book Burning


Making the Ink

Installation View

Bibliography of Unhelpful Mothering Books


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