Through my practice I explore the disruptive force of female life as it jostles with the man-made. Camille Paglia says, “society is an artificial construction, a defence against nature’s power”. It is this power that interests me. Societal organisations such as religion, science and politics are the skin into which I inject the chaos, dynamism, creation and destruction of feminine archetype.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, 1980, I completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts at The University of Melbourne, Victorian College of the Arts, in 2002. After ten years working as a photographer in London, I returned to Australia and completed a Master of Contemporary Art at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2017.

My works tend to have a participatory element, and span photography, film, installation and sculpture. I often employ or allude to the presence of female bodily secretions and substances; breastmilk, amniotic fluid and menstrual blood have all featured in my work. The active nature of the female body also interests me, both what it stirs within and without; its ability to create and grow life, its cyclical reminder that death is ever-present and, by the potency of beauty, its ability to fascinate and captivate.