What Does Breastfeeding Look Like ... in England?

I have recently returned from the UK where I have been photographing British mums breastfeeding. 

Over the next few weeks I will be uploading the photos. They represent a very small but significant part of this project and of breastfeeding mothers in the UK.

I am very excited about the success of this first trip and look forward to taking the project further afar.



Women are entitled to their choices, of course, let’s not head back into individualism, but isn’t it awfully convenient that we never question the institutions of power that happen to arrange themselves in such a way that women have little real choice about breastfeeding?
— Andie Fox

A critique of patriarchal institutions and structures of meaning must advocate not only the suppression (that is, access to birth control and abortion) but also the expression of childbearing function, which includes pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.
— Cindy A. Stearns